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Predator G3 26

Predator G3 26 Shredding System
  • Mechanically Driven Pulverizing Shredding System which eliminates hydraulic inefficiency caused by hot & cold temps
  • “1-Touch” Graphic PLC Controls & Monitor
  • Color Operator Monitor
  • Proprietary Auger Paper Evacuation System
  • One Function Joystick-Controlled Lift System
  • Fully Automated Proprietary Universal "Grabber" Bin Lift System which raises & lowers the lid automatically
  • Hopper Camera
  • High-Capacity Dust Collection System
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System
  • Centralized Lubrication Manifold
  • Screened Output Provides Consistent Small Shred Size
  • Variable & Rapid Change Screened Output Options to 3/8" (DIN Level 5)
  • Proprietary Hydraulic Feed that Meters Throughput up to 7,000 lbs./hr.

The Predator G3's shredding system outperforms the competition, providing greater throughput and a consistent small shred size. The smaller shred is more secure and a key selling point to the increasing number of companies outsourcing document destruction. The G3's shredding system can also be adjusted to meet the customer’s security requirements through a simple screen change.