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Predator G3 26-HM30

Predator G3

With a 6,500 lb. payload, this Shred Truck has it all: reliability, speed, payload and security.

The Predator G3 26 HM30 is UltraShred’s latest model option. It features new higher payload capacities and inside bin storage along with the proven reliability of its big brother, the standard Predator G3 26. Like the standard G3 26, the chassis is equipped with a long list of upgraded features not found on most of its competitor's offerings. Like all UltraShred shred trucks, it can be customized with options to make operation safer and more efficient. Bin storage inside the shredder compartment will accommodate up to three 64 gallon or two 96 gallon containers along with some consoles.

A 5,000 lb + per hour processing speed helps to make the Predator G3 26 HM30 the most overall fuel efficient and cost effective shredding vehicle available. All G3 26 HM30 trucks come equipped with our newly reconfigured computerized shredding program offering the most versatility in the industry. The combination of speed and particle size versatility offers an advantage no other trucks possess.