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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UltraShred do?
UltraShred manufactures equipment designed for the on-site mobile document destruction industry. UltraShred's Predator G3 is a Shred Truck for established companies and entrepreneurs providing mobile document destruction services.

Why is document destruction such a growing industry?
Recent laws mandate the destruction of sensitive data, such as customer and patient information, as well as financial and medical records. Legal requirements are especially stringent for companies in health care, finance, technology, insurance and law. If not properly destroyed, this information can fall into the wrong hands. In addition to being inefficient and costly, using an office shredder to destroy sensitive information is not secure. Strip shredding has been reassembled.

What is "mobile" document destruction?
A Shred Truck is driven to the customer’s location, where the route manager collects and destroys the customer's sensitive information on site. This is the most secure method of document destruction, since the customer actually witnesses the destruction of the material.

What sets the Predator G3 apart from other on-site mobile shredders?
The Predator G3 shreds faster, which makes it more productive and more profitable. It also shreds documents into smaller pieces, making it more secure for customers. All models feature a generous payload. The Predator G3 26 can be operated without a CDL, which means that you don’t need to be or need to hire a truck driver.

What is the outlook for the document destruction industry and how can I get involved?
Every business has documents that should be destroyed and with recent legal requirements, the mobile document destruction industry can expect continued growth. UltraShred offers equipment for entrepreneurs entering the lucrative mobile document destruction industry. We provide start-up information, including marketing strategy, networking and flexible financing options. Our knowledgeable financing partners are experienced at working with new entrepreneurs and can create funding programs tailored to your business plan and objectives.

Does UltraShred offer franchise opportunities?
No. UltraShred is an equipment manufacturer. You purchase direct from UltraShred. There are no licensing fees, royalties or residuals. You keep all of the profits. UltraShred is available to help you along the way.

How can I find out more?
Fill out a form, call us toll-free at 877-468-5872 or email us at